Silent Sitting

Every Wednesday evening Tim, Ellemarie and I organize an online and free for everybody Silent Sitting. 

We felt inspired by the Dutch saying “Hoe meer zielen, hoe meer vreugd” (“The more souls, the more joy”) and decided to facilitate a weekly space where we can meet each other at this soul level.

In the Silent Sitting we turn the attention inwards and practice to give space to whatever is arising. By no longer rejecting, analyzing or reacting upon the mind’s chatter, we sink into the silence, all by itself. 

The first 15 minutes will be a guided meditation, so we can drop into our bodies, into our Soul, followed by sharing 30 minutes of silence together. 


"There is no technique for awakening

because awakening is a symptom of a process

that is mostly hidden from us,

a rare combination of factors,

most of which we cannot control.

~ Sat Shree

Every Wednesday evening 19:00-19:45 CET

Online + for free on Zoom: