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"You are held in love, all ways you are." 


My name is Anke, and I took my first breath in the Dutch cheese-city Alkmaar in 1991.


Criminology – the mind

Fascinated by the disharmony and the apparent power of destructive behavioral and thought patterns I studied Criminology. What moves us? How responsible are we for our behavior? And can we change?


I volunteered in psychiatric units and interviewed (ex-)prisoners about their different life stories, leaving me with compassion and motivation to find sustainable means for people to change. At the age of 21 I started my job at university, researching and teaching about the (un-)wanted effects of imprisonment. Although I thought that this would make me feel somewhat of a successful human-being, I wanted to experience life more fully.


Modeling – the body


At that time the tv-show Hollands Next Top Model came on my path. As someone who was a bit (or a lot) shy and prefered to be at the background, a big leap into the unknown. The show and the following modeling career provided the sense of freedom, authority, creativity and independency that I was longing for. And most of all, it forced me to confirm again and again that I am something different than my body. People openly shared their opinion about my face or body, and obviously, I did not want to be identified with all the ‘mistakes’ they could find. And even worse when people only liked me for the ‘good-looking’ parts of my outer form. Why can’t they see me for what I truly am? And do I actually know myself who I really am? Who or what sees my body change in shape, expression, preferences and age, but in itself does not change? Who am I?


Spirituality - Mooji


All the above inner questioning about both the mind and the body prepared me for what now feels as my true calling.  I already had a regular yoga practice, but besides the physical benefits and the calm mind, I never really understood what yoga truly was about. This changed radically when I participated in a silent retreat with Sri Mooji in 2018. When I arrived I still felt a little green with it all, but I had a sincere interest, so I sat down on my cushion in between more than a thousand people, all asking the same question: “Who am I?”. Following the meditations and satsang, tears of happiness started to flow. I remembered. I came home. So deeply that it changed my whole life. 


Integration - Sat Shree

The following years I devoted my life to my spiritual development. A whole new universal existence that I could never have imagined, was slowly growing back into a new normal. I completed a 200h Yin Yoga Teacher training, traveled to Arunachala in India and Monte Sahaja in Portugal, and followed many transformative programs and courses with my current teacher Sat Shree, who made me familiar with the Bhagavad Gita. This sacred text is now my ever present guide, helping me to integrate yoga more fully into my day-to-day life. Unwinding what is still hiding in the comfort-zone of what I've known before, and starting to live more fully from my heart's truth. And it makes me more than happy to now facilitate space in which we can travel alongside each other and explore our deepest heart's wish and our own unique ways to bring this back into our lives. Thank you for being here.

Love, Anke

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